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Jack Krupansky is the Principal and Owner of Base Technology, a sole proprietorship based in New York, NY that focuses on advanced software research, design, and development.

A New Software Agent Server - Looking for technical evaluators for feedback

I have developed a new software agent server designed to provide a safe environment in which both developers and advanced users can develop and deploy powerful but simple software agents for web computing and I am looking for a few advanced technical evaluators to give me feedback and direction before I finalize my development plans. I am especially interested in high-end data providers and high-end data consumers who are looking for how to make more data be more easily consumable. The software is open source under the Apache License Version 2.0, 100% Java, and currently available on GitHub. It is free to download as is, but I am also interested in consulting and contract opportunities to enhance and customize the software.
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Jack is a computer science graduate of the Stevens Institute of Technology and has over 35 years of experience in advanced software research, design, and development of system software, software tools, and applications software.

Jack is ready to be your consultant for projects such as:

Jack is also available for contract software development work, typically in C/C++, but lately focused on Java.

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